My top 10 self care tips


It’s so SO important to practice self care. If you’re feeling burnt out, anxious, down or stressed, make sure you stop everything and check in with your body and mind. The one thing in life that you have total control over is how you treat yourself. I didn’t fully realise this until very recently…I’ve always put myself under a lot of pressure and felt like I needed a good reason or even permission to relax! But now I have come to appreciate that I need to be a bit kinder to myself and look after myself properly. Here are my favourite self care methods…💗

1. Run a bubbly bath.

I like to put a drop of a Tisserand essential oil into the water to soothe my skin and help me unwind. My favourite is the Clary Sage oil. Dim the bathroom lights, light a candle and play the Cinematic Orchestra’s The Crimson Wing: Mystery of the Flamingos on Spotify, it’s beautiful.

2. Tidy your room

Sometimes it feels like the last thing in the world you want to do. But it only takes 5 minutes to make your bed, pick up all the clothes on the floor and take your dirty cups and glasses into the kitchen. You will feel ten times lighter and more positive.

3. Leave the house and go for a walk

Look up at the sky. Notice what colour the leaves on the trees are. Listen to the birds, or the traffic, or the wind. Breathe some fresh air. Get some blood pumping around your body. There is a whole world outside your bedroom and it’s actually a lovely place to be. Exercise helps you to gain perspective on life and reminds you that nothing really matters in the grand scheme.

4. Eat some delicious (and healthy) food

I used to have a habit of fixing the way I was feeling with unhealthy food. And it’s totally fine to occasionally treat yourself with bar of chocolate or a pint of Ben and Jerry’s… but I learnt the hard way that junk food isn’t a sustainable self care practice! Now I like to take the time to make myself something delicious and fulfilling to eat. I’ve discovered that cooking is something I really enjoy and find very therapeutic. It’s especially important to make sure you’re eating 3 proper meals a day. A huge bowl of porridge for breakfast makes me happiest, topped with red berries, chia seeds, desicated coconut and honey drizzled all over.

5. Take a break from social media

Even if it’s just for an hour before you go to bed. Take some time focus on yourself, rather than wasting time watching what everyone else is doing and constantly comparing. Remember that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc are just ‘highlight reels’ and you don’t need them!

6. Call your Mum

7. Meet up with friends 

Make a date in the diary to look forward to. Go for dinner with your BFFs, giggle a lot and make sure you order a pudding to share.

8. Make a happy playlist to dance to 

At the moment my favourite thing is to get in the shower and blast some feel good songs. Personally, I really love Funk so I listen to a lot of that. I also like songs that bring good memories or remind me of school discos… Here’s a glimpse of my current playlist:

You Make My Dreams – Hall & Oates, Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe – Barry White, Let’s Get it on – Marvin Gaye, September – Earth, Wind & Fire, La Bicicleta – Shakira y Carlos Vives, Green & Gold – Lianne La Havas, Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld and        anything from Hannah Montana……… :L

9. Do something for someone else

Text a friend and ask them how they’re doing at the moment, ask your sibling if they need any help with homework, visit your Grandparents, make dinner for someone.

10. Read your favourite book or listen to a podcast

When I start to feel anxious at night or if I get stressed out I either read a chapter of Little Women (my all time favourite childhood book) or I’ll listen to a podcast of James O’Brien’s Mystery Hour. It really calms me down. On another note, I also recommend Headspace -it’s a great little mindfulness app which provides guided meditations for different scenarios eg. for travelling on tube, eating lunch, walking, going to sleep. It’s nice to just take your mind elsewhere for 10 minutes.

Love from Lydia x

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